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After slicks capture and most of his brothers in his squad dead Chopper questioned what he should do? He figured he wouldn't live much longer looking straight at his blaster he started to question if he should do it. A couple more seconds past he walked over to his gun loaded it and held it to his head. He figured this is nothing he had been through so many suicide missions as some of his brothers called it that this would be nothing. Right then Rex walked in to see what he was about to do and he screamed "WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU WERE ABOUT TO DO CHOPPER" "end my life sir" was Choppers only response. Rex watched in horror as his brother put his finger to the trigger and said these parting words " I don't want any more pain" and then *BAM*! Rex went running to his brother and contacted General Skywalker while he held Chopper's limp body. When Skywalker showed up Ahsoka was right behind him Ahsoka got scared easily when she saw a hole as big as a fist and all the blood that was dripping from the limp body. Skywalker said "Ahsoka go tell the medics that we have a dead man on the ship. Rex what happened" Skywalker asked looking at Chopper's dead body "he committed suicide sir" Rex said holding Chopper's dead body. When the medics got there they said he was most defiantly dead and they left. "Why did he commit suicide Rex?" Ahsoka asked. Rex just responded by saying "he didn't want any more pain kid."

                                    The End
warning this is a sad short story of what i think would happen to chopper after slick capture and most of his squad brothers dead.
i was listing to sad music.
chopper,rex,ahsoka, and skywalker belong to george lucas
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April 17, 2011
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